turntables & accessories



The oldest high-end turntable manufacturer, German manufacturer Transrotor has earned world renown for their high-tech designs and precision engineering. The harmony of the exterior materials and workmanship is leveraged inside their turntables too. What you see and feel corresponds to what you hear in a light and airy way.



Since 1978, Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in over 80 countries with analogue playback devices that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar. They specialize in high-end turntables, tonearms and cartridges; and phonostages, preamplifiers, connectors, cables and audio racks, and accessories.


MoFi Electronics

Drawing on five decades of making the world’s best-sounding records at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab studios, Mobile Fidelity electronics focus on improving the sonic integrity of home-audio reproduction. Each product is the result of collaboration with some of the industry’s finest engineers and stems from years of studio experience.


VPI Industries

VPI Industries is an American, family owned, high-end audio manufacturer that was started by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld, the founders of VPI. 35 years later the company is still family owned and run by Harry and son Mathew Weisfeld. Family owned means that care and attention is put into every product.


Sorane Tonearms

Designed and manufactured in Japan by some of the most highly regarded tonearm craftsmen, Sorane tonearms represent a fantastic value and an exceptional design. Durable and high performance, a Sorane tonearm is a perfect match for any turntable. They represent the future of technology in audio.


Hana Cartridges

In Japanese, Hana means “brilliant and gorgeous”. Hana moving coil cartridges are affordably priced and pride themselves in supplying the most “brilliant and gorgeous” performance to audiophile customers for their budget. These are a must have accessory for your turntable to ensure a beautiful look and a beautiful sound.



Dynavector is highly regarded as a manufacturer of the finest high-performance moving coil phono cartridges and a unique bi-axial tonearm based on technically advanced theories and unique production technologies. Innovatively designed moving coil cartridges since 1975; the music lover can be guaranteed listening pleasure at any price point.



Nagaoka is unique in the cartridge business having produced styli, cartridges and accessories for records since 1940. Moreover, all the very high precision parts used in manufacturing the cartridges and styli are made in Nagaoka’s own factories, from diamond tips, the cantilevers, the samarium cobalt magnets, even the coils.



Japanese OEM manufacturer has quietly been building some of the most classic tonearms in the history of audio. A manufacturing history of nearly 100 years has gained Jelco a wealth of experience in building analogue equipment. They have become experts both in performance and cost effectiveness.



Kiseki is Japanese for “Miracle”. Stories have whirled around for decades why they have a sound that nobody else can attain. If you look at the history, you hear stories about such legendary names as Sugano Yoshiaki (Koetsu), Mr. Kondo (Audio Note), and the mysterious Goro Fokadu.



From the grassroots beginnings of being hand-built on a kitchen table to being hand-built by the Grado family in Brooklyn today. Ranging from entry-level to gold, sapphire, and diamond nestled inside cocobolo wood, your turntable is only as good as your cartridge.



NAD’s is well known for innovative, high performance, yet affordable, turntables. While the basic operation of a turntable seems simple, extracting all the musical energy from the record grooves without exciting destructive resonances requires both science and art.