Monitor Audio

British owned and managed, they are global specialists in hi-fi loudspeaker design. They incorporate stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra-discreet, high-quality sound. Monitor is the world's foremost expert in developing metal dome drivers. 


JBL Synthesis

Easily one of the most iconic brands in audio, JBL Synthesis utilizes the most state-of-the-art research and development and integrates both into classic design. The result is the most realistic listening experience possible; it doesn’t matter the room size. JBL has been a leader in the business since ‘43.



Bryston is a legendary Canadian amplifier manufacturer who started developing loudspeakers as a means to better test their own amplifiers. The result is a high-quality speaker that works equally well with a wide variety of electronics and listening rooms made by experts in sound and music.


Neat Acoustics

Hand crafted by a dedicated team, Neat loudspeakers offer the very best in high-end audio reproduction. The development of a Neat loudspeaker involves hundreds of hours of listening tests; new designs must prove themselves in different rooms and systems before it goes to production.


Vivid Audio

The fusion of exceptional engineering and acoustic design sophistication. They are the inventors of the B&W Matrix and designers of the Nautilus™ as well as the Turbosound Polyhorn™ and Dendritic™ horn systems for professional loudspeakers. Vivid is all about form AND function.


Bowers & Wilkins

The most recognized brand in high end audio! British loudspeaker manufacturer B&W has built a reputation of no-nonsense engineering and excellent sound quality. B&W has secured their place as one of the world’s most technologically advanced loudspeaker manufacturers.