Why do people have poor wifi?


Troubleshooting Poor WiFi Connections in Your Home

Are you struggling with poor WiFi connection?

It can be extremely frustrating when videos and audio buffers while connected, especially when streaming content. Cheaply designed and poorly located networking could be a reason why you’re connection is faulty and unreliable. Luckily, there are certain ways to enhance your connection, no matter your overall WiFi issues. 

Check and see what kind of cables and wires you are using to connect

Newer and larger gauge cat cables will improve overall bandwidth and prevent the signal from becoming choked off. 

Having centralized WAP (wireless access point) location will improve wireless signal in and around the property

Struggling with a poor connection is no fun, but these two tips definitely enhance your overall experience and will cause fewer interruptions. The good news is - we can help too! Come in the store or give us a call - let’s solve these connection issues together.