Protecting your Records


Protecting Your Records

Cleaning your records and protecting your collection is necessary for the preservation and overall care for your LPs.

Cleaning them will not only protect the etchings, but it will also protect your needle from gathering dirt and dust and withering down.

First, invest in a simple record cleaner

You can find high-quality cleaners that are decently priced. If you happen to have a large collection full of new and old records, investing in a record cleaning machine is a must-have.

A record cleaning machine is more pricey than a handheld, but it does pay off in the end because it keeps records of all ages at their optimal prime. Do some research on what would work best for you in terms of your budget and your collection.

All new records and pre-owned ones should be cleaned before you play them

Make sure you check the quality of a record before you buy it and after cleaning a used record always put it in a new sleeve to avoid old dirt and dust.

Need more tips on taking care of your record collection? Come in the store and chat with Ross.