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Record Store Day Special!

Date added: Thursday, April 19, 2018
For this year's International Record Store Day on April 21st, we are offering 20% off all turntables! That's right--every brand and model of turntable we sell! That sale price can be applied to any complete package purchased on the 21st (ie, items are not available individually). A package can consist of turntable, cartridge, phono stage and cabling (if required).
Please note that this sale is valid for April 21st during normal business hours only. We can not accept pre-orders, nor can we accommodate anyone who misses the deadline.
Please also note that this sale does not only apply to in stock turntables. Many of our turntables are customized somewhat to meet the customers needs and desires. So instead of only applying the sale price to models that may not be exactly what you want, we have decided to apply it to any combination of turntable/tonearm/cartridge and even phono stage that you desire! Some custom 'tables can take up to 9 weeks to be manufactured and shipped but most ship within 2 weeks. A small price to pay for a great price :)

Wires and Wine Event

Date added: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In partnership with Bin 905, Absolute Audio Video invites you to our Wire and Wine event April 19th and 20th, 2018 from 6:pm until 9:pm

Music and wine have always been inextricably linked; for many they are passions and people pursue the love of both, often with reckless abandon. There are wine publications that not only recommend what food to pair with a specific wine but also what music to listen to while drinking it. Absolute Audio/Video and Bin 905 Wines & Spirits are retailers driven by a passion for these things; one a purveyor of audio gear that pushes the limits of sound reproduction, the other a like-minded retailer of great wines and spirits that speak about their provenance in profound ways.

WHEN: April 19 (wine night) and April 20 (whisky night) from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.


WHERE: Absolute Audio/Video is located at 100, 6303 – Bowness Rd N.W.


WHO: Legendary amplifier maker Bryston and state of the art cable manufacturer Nordost will be showcasing their remarkable, world-class gear while Bin 905 will be showcasing some of the best wines Canada has to offer, followed by a few select international whiskies the following evening.


WHAT: There will be charcuterie and cheese, music, and general good times, an evening of hedonistic pleasure, and who can’t use some of that these days? There will a demonstration of audio cables from Nordost on the 19th, an opportunity to see if premium cables truly make a difference (kind of like the difference between drinking wine out of a coffee mug or fine Riedel glassware).


RSVP: The event is free but please RSVP to info@absoluteaudio.ca.

Absolute Audio/Video, Your Roon Specialist

Date added: Saturday, March 10, 2018

Roon's wonderfully comprehensive music managnement software is not only groundbreaking but has done much to bridge the gap between purist Audiophiles whose goal is perfect sound with zero concessions to convenience and the ordinary music lover who desires great sound but also an intuitive way to interface and engage with their music.

Here at Absolute Audio/Video, we recognized straight away the importance of Roon's software and quickly adopted brands which supported it. Absolute Audio/Video now carries Roon Core servers from Antipodes Audio of New Zealand, InnuOS of Portugal as well as Roon's very own Nucleus range. Each of these servers is intended to give the end user the Roon experience at various price points to meet one's budget and needs. Should you require automated CD ripping, a large volume of music storage, and/or Roon's more advanced multi-room playback and data processing, Absolute Audio/Video is happy to recommend the correct Roon server. We're also more than happy to help you figure out Roon using your existing computer, provided it is well suited to running Roon. 

Second to Roon's server (though not secondary in importance) is Absolute AV's lineup of "Roon Ready" streaming devices. Should you want to stream music throughout your house, be it to a kitchen, dining room, or dedicated HiFi system, Roon's advanced RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) protocol guarantees perfect audio transmission further improving upon the Roon music expereince. Currently Absolute AV carries industry leading Roon streamers from Naim, Lumin, Bryston and Antipodes Audio--with more to come soon!

So if you're curious about the Roon environment, please feel free to stop by and experience it first hand.


Neat Loudspeakers Now at Absolute A/V!

Date added: Thursday, August 10, 2017

Neat Acoustics, the British manufacturer known for their physically compact but musically engaging loudspeakers, is now available at Absolute A/V! Employing knowledge gained from the recording studio, Neat Acoustics designs their speakers as only a musician knows how. They offer a wondefull sense of timing combined with natural tone and wide open imaging.

Relatively small in stature, reasonably priced and perfectly executed, Neat Acoustics' loudspeakers are a welcome additon to any HiFi system or living space!

Naim Uniti Series

Date added: Friday, August 4, 2017

The wait is over for Naim's second generation of Uniti products! The Naim Uniti Atom, Naim's smallest offering in the Uniti series has finally landed at Absolute Audio video and it is a stunner! Offering a full suite of network audio features as well as Naim's hallmark sound quality, the Atom is a benchmark for all-in-one streaming amplifiers--simply add speakers of your choice.

Please come in and audition for yourself--you won't regret it!

Great User Review Of Bryston BLP1 turntable

Date added: Friday, February 10, 2017

Check out the great personal review of the excellent Bryston BLP1 turntable!

Absolute Audio/Video Turntable Alignment Specialist

Date added: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Turntables have a certain appeal to both the music nostalgist and music lover. There is undoubtedly something special about the tone and sense of "air" one gets from listening to records. But what's not understood by many is what exactly is responsible for this magical sound quality. Well at Absolute Audio/Video we know all too well the importance of correct alignment of the many components of a turntable, to attain excellent sound quality--and we have the necessary tools to do it!

Recently Absolute Audio/Video has been announced as the exclusive dealer for Acoustical Systems turntable accessories and alignment protractors. The Acoustical Systems SMARTTractor and SMARTstylus allow for a comprehensive inspection and alignment of all the crucial elements of turntable geometry, allowing for an uncanny sense of realism and dynamics from your otherwise familiar records. Acoustical Systems also manufacturers some of the finest cartridges, tonearms and headshells in the industry, as well as the turntable to end all turntables: The APOLYT. Truly outstanding--uncompromising--design and performace!

If you would like to have your turntable realigned by Absolute Audio/Video, for a small fee, please feel free to contact us here. Also note that any turntable sold by Absolute Audio/Video will receive a free in store alignment.