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Date added: Monday, September 14, 2015

If your system uses wall-mounted Volume Control knobs, they're likely the source of any issues you might be experiencing.

Up until just a few years ago, if you had speakers installed in the interior or on the exterior of your home, the standard practise was to use Volume Control knobs (VC's) to control the sound output to each room or area. The use of VC's gave you independent room volume control - a nice feature to have,though the VC's themselves can become notoriously problematic as well give no flexibility for options like source selection, etc.

If you commonly notice static or crackling type noises, an inconsistency in sound or the VC itself is getting quite warm to the touch, it`s a good bet that your VC's are in need of replacement.

Keypads and Touchscreens provide a better alternative to your troubled VC's

Now that you've determined that you need to replace your VC's, you're faced with an important decision: Do I stick with VC's, or use the opportunity to upgrade my system and switch to Keypads or Touchscreens?

Keypads or Touchscreens have many advantages over sticking with VC's:

  • Are much more versatile than VC's - considerably more functional with source selection and feedback
  • Also capable of controlling lighting, HVAC and blinds
  • Better in the long run for amplifier life and system reliability
  • Sonically superior, with a more direct wire connection between the amp and speakers
  • Offer a much cleaner, more modern look
  • Work in conjunction with remotes or many hand held devices

Everyone wants to get the most enjoyment out of their multiroom system and we'd love to help you improve yours.


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