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When it comes to whole home, distributed audio/video systems, Absolute AV's focus is, in equal parts, quality of sound and simplicity of control. We achieve this by having the knowledge and experience to recommend the correct product for it's specific location. We understand that the integrity of the signal is paramount in creating a positive experience. This is why we use only high quality, purpose built cables and ancillary products. Falling back on our expertise as Calgary's most knowledgeable audio shop, we understand that squeezing the last 10% out of a system's potential can yield impressive--and most importantly, reliable--results.

Absolute Audio Video strives to make the end user's interaction with their AV system as intuitive as possible. For this reason alone, an Absolute AV system is customized to meet the customer's needs; "Cookie Cutter" solutions are simply insufficient in this regard. Our systems are smart, reliable, and functionaly elegant!


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