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Absolute Audio/Video, Your Roon Specialist

Date added: Saturday, March 10, 2018

Roon's wonderfully comprehensive music managnement software is not only groundbreaking but has done much to bridge the gap between purist Audiophiles whose goal is perfect sound with zero concessions to convenience and the ordinary music lover who desires great sound but also an intuitive way to interface and engage with their music.

Here at Absolute Audio/Video, we recognized straight away the importance of Roon's software and quickly adopted brands which supported it. Absolute Audio/Video now carries Roon Core servers from Antipodes Audio of New Zealand, InnuOS of Portugal as well as Roon's very own Nucleus range. Each of these servers is intended to give the end user the Roon experience at various price points to meet one's budget and needs. Should you require automated CD ripping, a large volume of music storage, and/or Roon's more advanced multi-room playback and data processing, Absolute Audio/Video is happy to recommend the correct Roon server. We're also more than happy to help you figure out Roon using your existing computer, provided it is well suited to running Roon. 

Second to Roon's server (though not secondary in importance) is Absolute AV's lineup of "Roon Ready" streaming devices. Should you want to stream music throughout your house, be it to a kitchen, dining room, or dedicated HiFi system, Roon's advanced RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) protocol guarantees perfect audio transmission further improving upon the Roon music expereince. Currently Absolute AV carries industry leading Roon streamers from Naim, Lumin, Bryston and Antipodes Audio--with more to come soon!

So if you're curious about the Roon environment, please feel free to stop by and experience it first hand.


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