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Unison Research Max 1
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This new loudspeaker model from Unison Research model is designed to be matched, in particular, to the Unison Research valve amplifiers. For this purpose... More 


Unison Research Triode 25
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Three amplifiers symbolize the success of Unison Research: the Simply Two, the Triode 20 and the legendary Absolute. On the occasion of the 25th... More 


Unison Research Preludio

CODE: Preludio

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To complete our series of all-tube integrated amplifiers, including successful models such as the Performance and the Sinfonia, Unison Research now... More 


Unison Research Sinfonia

CODE: Sinfonia

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After the acclaim we have received from both audiophiles and the press for our Performance model, we have decided to design and produce a new, smaller valve... More 


Unison Research CD Primo

CODE: CD Primo

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Unico CDPrimoCD Player Technical characteristics Transport: TEAC CD5010A Digital interface: Wolfson Micro WM8804 Sample Rate Converter: Burr Brown SRC4192... More 


Unison Research Phono One

CODE: Phono One

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PhonoOne has been one of the mostly appreciated UnisonResearch units.Even if the production of this item has been discontinued some years ago the request... More 


Unison Research S6


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The latest version of the Unison Research S6 integrated amplifier is the result of over 25 years of experience with building valve amplifiers that have been... More 


Unison Research Simply Italy

CODE: Simply Italy

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The Unison Research Simply Two was certainly one of the world`s most succesful integrated valve amplifiers, a product widely acclaimed both by audiophiles... More 


Unison Research Simply Phono

CODE: Simply Phono

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Class A phono stage no feedback / 3 ECC83 (12AX7) valvesValve phono stages are rare. Affordable models that sound good are even rarer. The Simply Phono is... More 


Unison Research Unico Nuovo

CODE: Unico Nuovo

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he Unico Nuovo, like the Unico P and the Unico Primo, is an integrated amplifier that is based on a single triode pre stage. It differs from the former,... More 


Unison Research Unico Primo

CODE: Unico Primo

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The Unico Primo is a hybrid integrated stereo amplifier capable of delivering not less than 85W RMS continuous on a 8ohm load. As usual for Unison Research... More 


Unison Research Unico Secondo

CODE: Unico Secondo

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As the successor of a very prestigious model in the Unison Research amplifier line, the Unico Secondo benefits from our many years of experience in... More